Bubble Gum Simulator Codes

Prizes, coins, pets, and many benefits are what you get after adding Bubble Gum Simulator Codes. What is this game? Why do players need a code? The answer and everything about this topic will be explored in the next section.

About Bubble Gum Simulator Codes

In general, Bubble Gum Simulator is a game where you shot the items then receive prizes. Tons of levels and items are available in order to make the game more enjoyable. You must know the game where players shoot three balls in the same color. The basic gameplay is quite similar, but few additional features will be more interesting.

Before obtaining Bubble Gum Simulator Codes, you should know about Roblox. This game is available only in Roblox platform. The game creator uses Roblox engine and world to share and let others play. Therefore, you should install Roblox and enjoy this game ultimately.

Bubble Gum Simulator Codes
Bubble Gum Simulator Codes
  • Codes

Codes are available for a specific purchase. The game creator can use codes to attract more Roblox users. You can enhance certain features. For example, the code Tomcat can generate two hatchings in five minutes. That’s enough to expand your game level.

Other game codes have similar purposes. However, the codes use a distinct word, such as Tomcat, happy Easter, ocean, chocolate, under the sea, Poseidon, etc. Those are the words that usually added as code. If you are not familiar with them, it is better to start playing immediately.

  • Benefits

As mentioned above, you get new codes for certain benefits. You may need candy, and few codes are available. They are Candy, Christmas, and Candycanes. Candy is the code to obtain 1000 candies. If you add Christmas, 5000 candies are what you obtain.

Other codes are for gem and coin. The gems have codes, such as Blue Crew, Twisted, Supergems, and lots of gems. Blue Crew provides 5000 gems that are similar to Twisted. The rest codes give 100 and 25 gems.

For coins, you should try the freecoin, supercoins, Tofuu, and minime. Freecoin is the code for 150 coins. Of course, the player gets it free without any charge. Moreover, Supercoins is what you need to obtain 1000 coins. The rest codes give 5000 and 2500 coins.

Other codes are for eggs consisting of Spotted, Twitter release, Golemite, and sircfenner. Spotted is the code where you will get Spotted Egg for free. Each egg has the name as similar to codes they have given to. Well, Golemite is code for Golem Egg.

  • How to Obtains Codes

How do obtain Bubble Gum Simulator Codes? There are several ways to obtain new codes. You can look for some websites, forums, and social media. The good thing about this game is unlimited period and no amount of such requirement. Every player has the same chance to obtain eggs, bird, candy, coin, and gems.

The codes are usually available from official release and after update session. In that case, you need to check the game creator page regularly. Besides, some codes are deliberately shared in social media, including Roblox forum. Those codes are free and players can get as much as possible.

Another way to obtain Bubble Gum Simulator Codes is via posting on Twitter and other social media. Twitter has been the most reliable source to get Bubble Gum Simulator. Most of the codes are from this source. You should follow the tag or post from the game creator.

Well, playing the game is enjoyable as long as you can reach the top level. This game provides in-game purchase which players should pay for certain items. That’s an interesting way to collect money. However, some players might choose not to rely on this option. They are free players and still enjoy for Bubble Gum Simulator Codes. Of course, the free codes are a big chance to obtain more.

Bubble Gum Simulator Codes



Tomcat 5 minutes of 2x Hatching Speed
AncientTimes 15 minutes of 3x Shiny Chance
InThePast 15 minutes of 2x Hatching Speed
Ocean 20 minutes of 2x Luck
AtlantisHats 15 minutes of 2x Hatching Speed
SecretLuckCode 15 minutes of 2x Luck
Bunny 15 minutes of 2x Hatching Speed
ChocolateEgg 15 Minutes 3x Shiny Chance
HappyEaster 15 minutes of 2x Luck
LostCity 20 minutes of 2x Luck
UnderTheSea 15 minutes of 2x Luck
Poseidon 15 minutes of 2x Hatching Speed
Special 15 minutes of 2x Hatching Speed
Update21 15 minutes of 2x Luck
UltraSpeed 15 minutes of 2x Hatching Speed
FREE 15 minutes of 2x Hatching Speed
ThankYou 15 minutes of 2x Luck
300M 15 minutes of 2x Hatching Speed
SpeedyBoi 15 minutes of 2x Hatching Speed
StPatricks 15 minutes of 2x Luck
BriteJuice 5 minutes of 2x Luck
SecretCode 15 minutes of 2x Luck
SpeedBoost 15 minutes of 2x Hatching Speed
sircfenneriscool 15 minutes of 2x Luck
SuperBeach 15 minutes of 2x Luck
BeachBoost 15 minutes of 2x Hatching Speed
superspeed 15 minutes of 2x Hatching Speed
Update16 15 minutes of 2x Luck
LuckyDay 30 minutes of 2x Luck
FreeBoost 30 minutes of 2x Hatching Speed
SylentlyIsCool 15 minutes of 2x Hatching Speed
SuperLuck 15 minutes of 2x Luck
DeeterPlays 5,000 Blocks
SuperSecret 15 minutes of 2x Hatching Speed
SecretBoost 10 minutes of 2x Hatching Speed
ExtraLuck 10 minutes of 2x Luck
SecretPet Toy Serpent
pinkarmypet 5,000 Gems
FreePet Twitter Dominus
MoreCandy 4,000 Candy
Candy 1,000 Candy
BlueCrew 5,000 Gems
Twiisted 5,000 Gems
Santa 2,000 Candy Canes
Sylently 10,000 Candy Canes
Christmas 5,000 Candy Canes
CandyCanes 100 Candy Canes/Coins
SuperCoins 1,000 Coins
SuperGems 100 Gems
Spotted Spotted Egg
FreeCoins 150 Coins
LotsOfGems 25 Gems
FreeEgg Spotted Egg
TwitterRelease Twitter Egg (Twitter Doggy)
Sircfenner Spotted Egg
Tofuu 5,000 Coin
ObscureEntity 500 Coin
Minime 2,500 Coin
TwitchRelease Twitch Egg (Twitch Kitty)
Golemite Twitch Egg (Twitch Golem)

Bubble Gum Simulator Codes

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